Released 2019-11-30
Blind Testing Update 8.
0000360: [web-service] Remove do-release-upgrade for now. (agent_kith)
0000373: [web-app] Process line feeds properly to remove spurious lines ini console log (agent_kith)
0000366: [players] Add support of using BubbleUPnP as a client when minimserver is the main player (agent_kith)
0000368: [players] Initial support for bubbleUPNP (agent_kith)
0000371: [web-app] Fix a problem where client software is never disabled in the Manage software section (in Snakeoil (agent_kith)
0000370: [players] Update MPD to 0.21.16 (agent_kith)
0000358: [players] Add prelimiary support for JRiver MediaCenter 26 (agent_kith)
0000369: [web-service] Change WebApp file permissions on loadup (agent_kith)
0000356: [web-app] Add easy way to copy files to RAM disk (agent_kith)
0000004: [web-app] Make it easy for people to manage files (agent_kith)
0000365: [players] Update GPG key for Spotify to allow Spotify Connect to work again (agent_kith)
0000362: [web-app] Fix crash in players page when there are no audio devices in system (agent_kith)
0000361: [web-service] Fix regression: ALSA settings not restored upon reboot (agent_kith)
0000355: [web-app] Add simple notification whether RAM disk creation is successful or not (agent_kith)
0000354: [web-app] Fix issue of repeating "Snakeoil" menuitem (agent_kith)
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Released 2019-09-01
0000349: [players] Experimental HQPlayer4 Desktop support (agent_kith)
0000352: [web-service] Monitor PHP upload size limit and change accordingly if they're too small (agent_kith)
0000351: [web-service] Use bundled curl instead of OS supplied curl (agent_kith)
0000350: [web-app] Disable "Enable Client" checkbox automatically if a server player has supported clients but none of the clients are installed (agent_kith)
0000272: [web-app] Activated: Add a mechanism to perform release updates (agent_kith)
0000348: [web-app] Show ramfs/tmpfs RAM DISK in media library (agent_kith)
0000346: [players] Update mpd 21 to 0.21.14 (agent_kith)
0000343: [web-app] Allow creation of RAM disk in GUI (agent_kith)
0000347: [web-app] Add missing check for spaces in Snakeoil priority process name fields (agent_kith)
0000345: [players] Reduce firmware sizes by stripping old versions of Squeezelite and MPD. (agent_kith)
0000344: [install] Keep custom MPD Squeezelite players on firmware upgrade (agent_kith)
0000328: [players] Activated: Honour uninstalled applications (agent_kith)
0000340: [web-app] Show a message at end of update Ubuntu to let users know install has finished (agent_kith)
0000341: [web-app] Change mouse cursor when it's hovering over a button. (agent_kith)
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Released 2019-06-23
Blind Testing U6. Bug fixes and experimental features.
0000336: [players] Update HQPlayer 3 install script to make it work again (agent_kith)
0000338: [players] Rename HQPlayer to HQPlayer 3 (agent_kith)
0000334: [web-app] Use exact flag in uhubctl, allowing a USB 2.0 device to continue to work even when it's 3.0 counterpart is off (agent_kith)
0000326: [web-app] Activated: "Update Ubuntu" is still a work in progress. Moving feature activated edition. (agent_kith)
0000335: [players] Update MPD to 0.21.10 (agent_kith)
0000327: [players] Activated: Check if curl exist when installing Roon Server (agent_kith)
0000332: [players] Add support for JRiver MediaCenter 25 (agent_kith)
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Released 2019-05-14
Blind Testing 5th Update.
0000325: [web-app] Fixed a problem with "looping" connectin message when remote server is down (agent_kith)
0000273: [players] Activated: Enable Tidal and Qobus in MPD v21 (agent_kith)
0000324: [web-service] Fix diagnostics file generation in Raspberry Pi (agent_kith)
0000298: [web-app] Better distinction between ALSA devices' "In Use" and the audio status panel above. They don't mean the same thing. (agent_kith)
0000322: [players] Update MPD to 0.21.8 (agent_kith)
0000323: [web-service] Activated: Add validation rule to process priority (this field has to be a numbers only field) (agent_kith)
0000319: [web-app] Activated: Fix problem of not able to save changes when updating process names in priority list (agent_kith)
0000126: [web-app] Add "Update Ubuntu" to System Command Panels (agent_kith)
0000321: [web-service] Activated: Allow uhubctl to work with multiple hubs from the same vendor (agent_kith)
0000320: [web-service] Activated: Fixed problem with uhubctl not turning off power of USB ports under certain conditions (agent_kith)
0000318: [web-service] Activated: Fix problem where DSD_U32_LE is not working properly when using custom native DSD kernel (agent_kith)
0000317: [players] Make wait for MPD to finish starting first before spawning MyMPD (agent_kith)
0000316: [web-service] Increase robustness when installing Custom Snakeoil kernals (agent_kith)
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Released 2019-04-14
Blind Testing Update #4. A baby step forward to the next major release.
0000315: [web-service] Fixed problem where current kernel is not showing up in the kernel configuration for i686 setup (agent_kith)
0000314: [web-service] Run ntfsfix before mounting NTFS volumes. (agent_kith)
0000313: [players] Add mpd_oled to MPD options in Raspberry Pi to add spectrum analyzer block on MPD config file (agent_kith)
0000309: [players] Include MPD 0.21.4 player (agent_kith)
0000312: [web-service] Only start stop Ravenna Butler client if the correct kernel is running (agent_kith)
0000310: [players] Include albumartist tag in MPD 0.21.4 (agent_kith)
0000308: [players] Update MPD 0.21.x to 0.21.7 (agent_kith)
0000304: [web-app] Fix MPD software mixer options stripping quotes (") when saving (agent_kith)
0000307: [players] Also install upmpdcli-tidal when (re)installing upmpdcli (agent_kith)
0000303: [players] upmpdcli package is missing in Raspberry Pi (agent_kith)
0000302: [players] MPD v0.21 not working in Pi as it is missing some libraries (agent_kith)
0000295: [web-service] Show SHA1 checksum when installing modules and Kernels (agent_kith)
0000293: [web-app] Fails to trap the tilda character in audio device name properly (agent_kith)
0000301: [web-app] Dynamic Native DSD Configuration (agent_kith)
0000296: [web-service] Fixed file permissions in /var/lib/squeezeboxserver (agent_kith)
0000294: [players] Update new private key for Spotify repository (agent_kith)
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Released 2019-03-03
Blind Testing Update #3. This is a new beginning, re-working and repurposing the activation code to enable beta features of the next big release.
0000292: [players] Update MPD v0.20.x series to 0.21.5 (agent_kith)
0000291: [web-service] Introduce initial Ravenna support (agent_kith)
0000290: [web-app] Change streaming mode from "PCM" to native PCM/DSD (agent_kith)
0000276: [web-app] Show a notice if ALSA device no longer matches what is found in the system. (agent_kith)
0000289: [web-service] Free Edition: Can now modify MTU in networks (agent_kith)
0000288: [web-app] Free Edition: Can now mount multiple drives/paths in library (agent_kith)
0000287: [web-app] Fixed incorrect Thread count in CPU panel in dashboard (agent_kith)
0000286: [players] Fixed problem where you cannot install/uninstall HQPlayer NAA in i386 and Raspberry Pi platforms (agent_kith)
0000285: [web-app] Do not show kernel tweaks in Raspberry Pi, as there's no tweak to do. (agent_kith)
0000284: [web-app] Fixed activation sequence when names or emails have accents/punctuations (agent_kith)
0000283: [web-app] Update NAA for AMD64 to 3.5.5-39 (There is no i386 update) (agent_kith)
0000281: [players] Improved HQPlayer installation script (agent_kith)
0000280: [players] MPD: Add albumartist id3tag to metadata_to_use (v0.20 and v0.21 only) (agent_kith)
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Released 2019-02-11
Blind Testing Update #2
0000279: [web-app] Speed REST server startup time by 5 seconds on reboot (agent_kith)
0000278: [web-app] Don't show /dev/loopN devices in media library (agent_kith)
0000275: [web-service] Make network page works for both Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and 18.04 LTS (agent_kith)
0000274: [players] Add MPD 0.21 to SnakeoilOS (agent_kith)
0000271: [players] Tweak HQPlayer install script. (agent_kith)
0000270: [players] Force Locale of HQPlayer to en_US.utf8 (agent_kith)
0000269: [web-app] Fixed Chinese Translations: 已用 (agent_kith)
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Released 2018-11-11
First Maintanece release for Blind Testing.
0000254: [web-service] Fix issue where MC23 isn't working with CPU set (agent_kith)
0000257: [players] Update HQPlayer to 3.25.1-81 (amd64 edition only) (agent_kith)
0000260: [players] Can't start upmpdcli if mpd-v20 isn't running before. (agent_kith)
0000267: [web-service] Do not query USB status when displaying Snakeoil console (e.g. during software install/uninstall) (agent_kith)
0000263: [web-service] Implement a check and only install HQplayer and NAA if the CPU supports SSE4.2 and above (agent_kith)
0000261: [web-app] Include additional audio information when generating diagnostics file (agent_kith)
0000243: [web-app] Add display DMESG output in system menu (agent_kith)
0000265: [web-service] Fixed bug where install/uninstall is not trapping error codes (agent_kith)
0000259: [players] Add RoonBridge support to intel 32 bit edition and ARM (agent_kith)
0000256: [web-app] Include MIT license and make it visible somewhere (agent_kith)
0000255: [web-app] Updated uhubctl to v2.0.0-20-gde2c (Support more USB controllers) (agent_kith)
0000258: [web-app] Fix broken CIFS authorisation (Cannot mount password protected Windows shares) (agent_kith)
0000249: [web-app] Fix bugs in networking interface (agent_kith)
0000252: [web-service] Fix Samba/CIFS mounting when share does not have a user password (agent_kith)
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Released 2018-08-04
Code name Blind Testing. This version expands the 'tweakability' of Snakeoil OS, giving you more power to control more of your Snakeoil OS player from the intuitive Snakeoil OS Web-App.
0000232: [web-app] RC 1: Clear old diagnostics file before generating a new one (agent_kith)
0000247: [install] Fixed missing libaries in ISO builds (agent_kith)
0000246: [players] Fix bugs in startup/stop scripts of all players (agent_kith)
0000244: [web-app] Use new MPD remote - myMPD (agent_kith)
0000215: [web-app] Beta 3: Cannot upgrade kernel? (agent_kith)
0000216: [web-app] Beta-2: Start Roon+HQPlayer together (agent_kith)
0000217: [players] Beta-2: Add support for MPD pipe output (agent_kith)
0000219: [web-app] Beta-2: If don't already have ALSA device added, cannot save and start players when running only server players (agent_kith)
0000220: [web-app] Beta-2: User account in System always return as snakeoil. Also cannot reset password. (agent_kith)
0000221: [players] Beta-2: Update MPD-v20 to 0.20.20 (agent_kith)
0000222: [web-app] Beta 3: Fixed install/uninstall program in snakeoil menu (agent_kith)
0000223: [web-app] Beta 3: Fix synchronous post problem in Snakeoil (agent_kith)
0000225: [players] Beta 4: Update HQPlayer NAA to 3.5.4-38 and HQPlayer to 3.22.0-76 (agent_kith)
0000226: [web-app] Beta 4: Fixed crash in music player when updating player options: "this.model.audio_option[this.oldPlayer] is undefined" (agent_kith)
0000227: [web-app] Beta 4: Fix players menu always showing modified text on first load (agent_kith)
0000228: [web-app] RC 1: Saving New Language Showing the wrong filename (agent_kith)
0000229: [web-app] RC 1: Reload languages file after saving a newly created language file (agent_kith)
0000230: [web-app] RC 1: Allow use of minimplayer as server and upnpcli as client (agent_kith)
0000233: [web-app] RC 1: Editing existing languages loading the wrong language name (agent_kith)
0000234: [web-app] RC 1: Reload webapp when re-connecting to REST server (agent_kith)
0000240: [web-service] RC 1: Promote enable/disable player client and player server to free edition (agent_kith)
0000236: [web-service] RC1: Clang/cppcheck RESTful code (agent_kith)
0000237: [web-app] RC 1: Clear existing diagnostics file if present when generating a new diagnostics file. (agent_kith)
0000238: [web-app] RC 1: Improve diagnostics file download user experience (agent_kith)
0000239: [web-service] RC 1: Fixed a display bug when resetting the USB in the system menu (agent_kith)
0000242: [web-app] Add a note to users to contact me if they havn't received an activation code when they do a paypal or patreon (agent_kith)
0000245: [web-app] Add a new line explainingthat diagnostic file contains sensitive information and should only be sent to a snakeoil squad member. (agent_kith)
0000212: [web-app] Secondary Mechanism to update/recover Snakeoil firmware (agent_kith)
0000211: [web-app] Reverse Proxy RESTful server, now listening at (agent_kith)
0000213: [web-app] Change default theme from 'blue' to 'blur' (agent_kith)
0000207: [players] Remember different player options for each unique player (agent_kith)
0000205: [web-app] Fix kernel selection bug in snakeoil menu (agent_kith)
0000112: [web-app] Ability to detect special features in system and show UI elements accordingly (agent_kith)
       0000115: [web-app] Allow assigning processes to a particular CGROUP (CPUSET) [Activated Edition Only] (agent_kith)
       0000157: [web-service] Add exFAT support (agent_kith)
0000200: [players] Remove mpd-git as it's too close to latest version of released mpd (agent_kith)
0000204: [web-app] Fix missing Close button in close when players fail to start. (agent_kith)
0000151: [web-app] Detect if PulseAudio is present, and have option to disable PulseAudio (agent_kith)
0000187: [web-app] Display current sample rate of audio device (agent_kith)
0000108: [web-app] Add ability to disable bonjour (avahi-daemon) [Activated Edition Only] (agent_kith)
0000186: [web-app] Fix bad MPD Client URL (URL has both IPv4 and IPv6 text) (agent_kith)
0000185: [web-app] Don't check update server everytime you go into the dashboard (agent_kith)
0000182: [web-app] Add ability to power on/off supported USB hubs in Snakeoil menu (agent_kith)
0000159: [web-app] Update WebApp to use ngx-admin (agent_kith)
       0000171: [web-app] Incorporate @ngx-translate so I can put all text in a single file (agent_kith)
0000181: [web-app] Move Wizard away from Dashboard (agent_kith)
0000162: [install] Fix broken memtest+ in ISO (agent_kith)
0000179: [install] Fix ALAC playback on Logitech Media Server (agent_kith)
0000178: [web-app] New quoting logic in audiophile quotes (agent_kith)
0000172: [web-app] Add a refresh button to get a new quote (agent_kith)
0000146: [web-app] When in free edition, show features that are available when in Snakeoil mode (agent_kith)
0000147: [web-app] Show a "configuration saved" thing for 10 seconds after you make a save (agent_kith)
0000078: [web-app] Prompt save when made changes and try to move to another part of the web-app (agent_kith)
0000153: [web-app] Add "netstat" button in system command panel (agent_kith)
0000090: [web-app] Add MTU field in manual network configuration [Activated Edition Only] (agent_kith)
0000137: [install] Update cyclictest to v1.0 in ISO (agent_kith)
0000119: [web-service] Expand snakeoil-rest to do CLI mode. (agent_kith)
       0000121: [web-service] Add CLI mode: Generate Diagnostics File (agent_kith)
       0000120: [web-service] Add CLI mode: Show version (agent_kith)
0000134: [install] Disable pulse audio with 32 bit ISO install (agent_kith)
0000127: [install] Don't unpack default blue theme. Reducing ISO size by approximately 10-15 MB. (agent_kith)
0000132: [install] 32 bit ISO is missing cyclictest (agent_kith)
0000118: [General] Automate Build Process (agent_kith)
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