Released 2019-02-11
Blind Testing Update #2
0000279: [web-app] Speed REST server startup time by 5 seconds on reboot (agent_kith)
0000278: [web-app] Don't show /dev/loopN devices in media library (agent_kith)
0000275: [web-service] Make network page works for both Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and 18.04 LTS (agent_kith)
0000274: [players] Add MPD 0.21 to SnakeoilOS (agent_kith)
0000271: [players] Tweak HQPlayer install script. (agent_kith)
0000270: [players] Force Locale of HQPlayer to en_US.utf8 (agent_kith)
0000269: [web-app] Fixed Chinese Translations: 已用 (agent_kith)
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