Released 2019-03-03
Blind Testing Update #3. This is a new beginning, re-working and repurposing the activation code to enable beta features of the next big release.
0000292: [players] Update MPD v0.20.x series to 0.21.5 (agent_kith)
0000291: [web-service] Introduce initial Ravenna support (agent_kith)
0000290: [web-app] Change streaming mode from "PCM" to native PCM/DSD (agent_kith)
0000276: [web-app] Show a notice if ALSA device no longer matches what is found in the system. (agent_kith)
0000289: [web-service] Free Edition: Can now modify MTU in networks (agent_kith)
0000288: [web-app] Free Edition: Can now mount multiple drives/paths in library (agent_kith)
0000287: [web-app] Fixed incorrect Thread count in CPU panel in dashboard (agent_kith)
0000286: [players] Fixed problem where you cannot install/uninstall HQPlayer NAA in i386 and Raspberry Pi platforms (agent_kith)
0000285: [web-app] Do not show kernel tweaks in Raspberry Pi, as there's no tweak to do. (agent_kith)
0000284: [web-app] Fixed activation sequence when names or emails have accents/punctuations (agent_kith)
0000283: [web-app] Update NAA for AMD64 to 3.5.5-39 (There is no i386 update) (agent_kith)
0000281: [players] Improved HQPlayer installation script (agent_kith)
0000280: [players] MPD: Add albumartist id3tag to metadata_to_use (v0.20 and v0.21 only) (agent_kith)
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