Released 2019-04-14
Blind Testing Update #4. A baby step forward to the next major release.
0000315: [web-service] Fixed problem where current kernel is not showing up in the kernel configuration for i686 setup (agent_kith)
0000314: [web-service] Run ntfsfix before mounting NTFS volumes. (agent_kith)
0000313: [players] Add mpd_oled to MPD options in Raspberry Pi to add spectrum analyzer block on MPD config file (agent_kith)
0000309: [players] Include MPD 0.21.4 player (agent_kith)
0000312: [web-service] Only start stop Ravenna Butler client if the correct kernel is running (agent_kith)
0000310: [players] Include albumartist tag in MPD 0.21.4 (agent_kith)
0000308: [players] Update MPD 0.21.x to 0.21.7 (agent_kith)
0000304: [web-app] Fix MPD software mixer options stripping quotes (") when saving (agent_kith)
0000307: [players] Also install upmpdcli-tidal when (re)installing upmpdcli (agent_kith)
0000303: [players] upmpdcli package is missing in Raspberry Pi (agent_kith)
0000302: [players] MPD v0.21 not working in Pi as it is missing some libraries (agent_kith)
0000295: [web-service] Show SHA1 checksum when installing modules and Kernels (agent_kith)
0000293: [web-app] Fails to trap the tilda character in audio device name properly (agent_kith)
0000301: [web-app] Dynamic Native DSD Configuration (agent_kith)
0000296: [web-service] Fixed file permissions in /var/lib/squeezeboxserver (agent_kith)
0000294: [players] Update new private key for Spotify repository (agent_kith)
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