Released 2019-05-14
Blind Testing 5th Update.
0000325: [web-app] Fixed a problem with "looping" connectin message when remote server is down (agent_kith)
0000273: [players] Activated: Enable Tidal and Qobus in MPD v21 (agent_kith)
0000324: [web-service] Fix diagnostics file generation in Raspberry Pi (agent_kith)
0000298: [web-app] Better distinction between ALSA devices' "In Use" and the audio status panel above. They don't mean the same thing. (agent_kith)
0000322: [players] Update MPD to 0.21.8 (agent_kith)
0000323: [web-service] Activated: Add validation rule to process priority (this field has to be a numbers only field) (agent_kith)
0000319: [web-app] Activated: Fix problem of not able to save changes when updating process names in priority list (agent_kith)
0000126: [web-app] Add "Update Ubuntu" to System Command Panels (agent_kith)
0000321: [web-service] Activated: Allow uhubctl to work with multiple hubs from the same vendor (agent_kith)
0000320: [web-service] Activated: Fixed problem with uhubctl not turning off power of USB ports under certain conditions (agent_kith)
0000318: [web-service] Activated: Fix problem where DSD_U32_LE is not working properly when using custom native DSD kernel (agent_kith)
0000317: [players] Make wait for MPD to finish starting first before spawning MyMPD (agent_kith)
0000316: [web-service] Increase robustness when installing Custom Snakeoil kernals (agent_kith)
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