Released 2019-09-01
0000349: [players] Experimental HQPlayer4 Desktop support (agent_kith)
0000352: [web-service] Monitor PHP upload size limit and change accordingly if they're too small (agent_kith)
0000351: [web-service] Use bundled curl instead of OS supplied curl (agent_kith)
0000350: [web-app] Disable "Enable Client" checkbox automatically if a server player has supported clients but none of the clients are installed (agent_kith)
0000272: [web-app] Activated: Add a mechanism to perform release updates (agent_kith)
0000348: [web-app] Show ramfs/tmpfs RAM DISK in media library (agent_kith)
0000346: [players] Update mpd 21 to 0.21.14 (agent_kith)
0000343: [web-app] Allow creation of RAM disk in GUI (agent_kith)
0000347: [web-app] Add missing check for spaces in Snakeoil priority process name fields (agent_kith)
0000345: [players] Reduce firmware sizes by stripping old versions of Squeezelite and MPD. (agent_kith)
0000344: [install] Keep custom MPD Squeezelite players on firmware upgrade (agent_kith)
0000328: [players] Activated: Honour uninstalled applications (agent_kith)
0000340: [web-app] Show a message at end of update Ubuntu to let users know install has finished (agent_kith)
0000341: [web-app] Change mouse cursor when it's hovering over a button. (agent_kith)
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