Released 2019-11-30
Blind Testing Update 8.
0000360: [web-service] Remove do-release-upgrade for now. (agent_kith)
0000373: [web-app] Process line feeds properly to remove spurious lines ini console log (agent_kith)
0000366: [players] Add support of using BubbleUPnP as a client when minimserver is the main player (agent_kith)
0000368: [players] Initial support for bubbleUPNP (agent_kith)
0000371: [web-app] Fix a problem where client software is never disabled in the Manage software section (in Snakeoil (agent_kith)
0000370: [players] Update MPD to 0.21.16 (agent_kith)
0000358: [players] Add prelimiary support for JRiver MediaCenter 26 (agent_kith)
0000369: [web-service] Change WebApp file permissions on loadup (agent_kith)
0000356: [web-app] Add easy way to copy files to RAM disk (agent_kith)
0000004: [web-app] Make it easy for people to manage files (agent_kith)
0000365: [players] Update GPG key for Spotify to allow Spotify Connect to work again (agent_kith)
0000362: [web-app] Fix crash in players page when there are no audio devices in system (agent_kith)
0000361: [web-service] Fix regression: ALSA settings not restored upon reboot (agent_kith)
0000355: [web-app] Add simple notification whether RAM disk creation is successful or not (agent_kith)
0000354: [web-app] Fix issue of repeating "Snakeoil" menuitem (agent_kith)
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