Scheduled For Release 2020-12-31
Codename Isolation Gear.
0000367: [web-service] Improving error handling when mounted partitions not found
0000364: [web-service] Create a hook allowing users to create their own startup/shutdown scripts
0000342: [web-app] Activated: Allow activated editions to modify /boot/config.txt in RPi edition
0000251: [players] Make cover art file in myMPD user definable
0000057: [web-app] Web version of VNC (Graphical remote access your Snakeoil computer straight from the browser)
0000058: [web-app] Web version of SSH (Secure console remote access your Snakeoil computer straight from the browser)
0000306: [players] Experiemental Convolution support
0000359: [players] Fix problem where upmpdcli refuse to start if latest version of MPD isn't configured first (agent_kith)
0000268: [web-app] Fix Permission Problem When Accessing Music Files with different permissions (agent_kith)
0000333: [web-app] Do not show ALSA device as "IN USE" if players are not using Snakeoil's ALSA configuration (agent_kith)
0000139: [web-app] Activated: Configurable GUI options for music players (agent_kith)
0000330: [web-app] Activated: Add Basic Convolution support (agent_kith)
0000331: [web-app] Activated: Allow a bridge to be configured if have > 2 NICs (agent_kith)
0000300: [players] Add phase invert in WebGUI if using Squeezelite as player. (agent_kith)
0000311: [install] Include linux-firmware package in ISO (agent_kith)
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Scheduled For Release 2025-01-01
Codename: Vaporware.

Placeholder for all tickets without a target release.
0000339: [web-app] Fix problem when modifying network configuration returns "Error - not a string" (Can't reproduce!)
0000357: [web-service] Allow user to choose between UDP and TCP when mounting NFS volumes. (agent_kith)
0000329: [web-app] Properly minimize the pop up menu on small screens. (agent_kith)
0000003: [web-app] Add CD ripping feature to Snakeoil [Activated Edition Only] (agent_kith)
0000008: [install] configuration settings for USB boot (agent_kith)
0000023: [players] Squeezelite should also recognise ALSA default directive (agent_kith)
0000069: [web-service] Collect I/O stats and RAM usage in background for front-end to display [Activated Edition Only] (agent_kith)
0000076: [web-app] Implement support for LACP [Activated Edition Only] (agent_kith)
0000100: [web-service] Basic disk monitor service (agent_kith)
0000111: [install] Add Network Bridging Support [Activated Edition Only] (agent_kith)
0000113: [install] Display sensor temps [Activated Edition Only] (agent_kith)
0000114: [web-app] Common Remote Access WebApp to control MPD/LMS/XMMS/More (agent_kith)
       0000117: [web-app] Remote Workaround pausing LMS internet stream (agent_kith)
       0000122: [web-service] Add key binding support (agent_kith)
       0000037: [players] Figure out a way to make auto resume work when using Squeezelite (agent_kith)
0000116: [install] Allow user to clear system cache automatically given a specified interval (Activated Edition Only) (agent_kith)
0000135: [web-app] Generate time series and histogram charts for cyclictest (Snakeoil feature) (agent_kith)
0000170: [install] Write up documentation on how to do PXE booting (agent_kith)
0000231: [web-app] Design digital crossover/EQ GUI for SnakeoilOS (agent_kith)
0000253: [web-service] Added feature to turn on/off proxied REST API via lighttpd. (agent_kith)
0000262: [install] Look into porting Snakeoil to Rock64 and ESPRESSObin (agent_kith)
0000264: [web-app] Turn players' radio buttons into a checkbox, thus allowing one to start more than 1 server or client. (agent_kith)
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