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0000273SnakeoilOSplayerspublic2019-03-24 17:45
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Target Version1.1.5Fixed in Version 
Summary0000273: Activated: Enable Tidal and Qobus in MPD v21

Refer to here for Tidal and Qobus Plugin details.

  • Tidal
    input {
    plugin 'tidal'
    token TOKEN #The Tidal application token. Since Tidal is unwilling to assign a token to MPD, this needs to be reverse-engineered from another (approved) 
    Tidal client.
    username USERNAME  #The Tidal user name.
    password PASSWORD  #The Tidal password.
    audioquality Q    #The Tidal “audioquality” parameter. Possible values: HI_RES, LOSSLESS, HIGH, LOW. Default is HIGH.
  • Qobuz
    plugin "qobuz"
    app_id ID     # The Qobuz application id.
    app_secret SECRET     # The Qobuz application secret.
    username USERNAME     # The Qobuz user name.
    password PASSWORD     # The Qobuz password.
    format_id N   # The Qobuz format identifier, i.e. a number which chooses the format and quality to be requested from Qobuz. The default is “5” (320 kbit/s MP3).
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